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Comprehensive Training

Class Information

Eyelash Styles Taught Include

Classic, Russian Volume, American Volume and Smart Techniques.
How Long is the Training Class? The training is a one day class from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Who Qualifies for NWEETC Training?

The NW Eyelash Extension Training program is limited to licensed hair stylist and aestheticians.

What Will I Learn About Eyelash Extensions?

With NWEETC training, licensed aesthetic professionals will learn:

  • Proper use of medical grade eyelash extension adhesive
  • Individual eyelash extension attachment
  • Lash styling and design
  • Proper use of the eyelash extension tools
  • Eye Conditions and Diseases
  • Proper Safety & Hygiene Procedures
  • Advanced Eyelash Techniques
  • Client Consultation
  • Eyelash Aftercare
  • Effective Eyelash Extension Design
  • Eyelash extension business success information

PLUS . . . Students completing the training will receive a supply kit which includes lashes, accessory tools and other miscellaneous items they need to start their own successful eyelash business!

What is the Length of the Eyelash Extension Training?

Prospective eyelash extension professionals must complete 300 minutes of training and successfully complete at least 55 individual eyelash attachments on each eye in a 2 hour period.

Students will need to provide their own model to work on but if you are unable to find someone, we will do our best to help you fill and meet this criteria.

Upon completion of the eyelash extension training, students will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Classic, Russian Volume, American Volume and Smart Techniques.