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Northwest Eyelash Extension Training Program (NWEETC)

Salem, Oregon

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Sheri Marchand proudly offers the industry's most comprehensive and up-to-date eyelash extension training program in Oregon. Owner of Studio Nine Salon and NW Eyelash Extension Training Center, Sheri has been a practicing professional in advanced eyelash extensions since 2006. Long experience, plus keeping up with the newest trends and the latest education gives Sheri the tools to teach the correct way of doing eyelash extensions ... allowing you to truly excel as an eyelash extension professional.

Learn how to make a beautiful difference!


Income Potential

Top quality eyelash extension application takes hours of practice and training. To correctly apply them is truly an art, and eyelash extension professionals can potentially make up to $100,000 per year!

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Certificate Issued

Upon completion of the training, a professional certificate is issued in Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume, American Volume & Smart Techniques. The return on your investment in training is great!



Enhance Services

Learn the non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical way to actually thicken, & lengthen eyelashes with eyelash extensions. You will be able to offer this amazing service for a terrific boost to your client retention & referral base!



Critical Training!

The eyelash extension service is unique & much different than it used to be. The adhesive is different, the lashes are different & the application is different than what is taught in esthetician or cosmetologist programs. Enhanced training!

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The Eyelash Extension Training Program

The NW Eyelash Extension Training Center program is the best in the business. Professional eyelash extensions is now a necessary and invaluable professional service for a growing salon business to offer!

What Eyelash Extension Styles are Taught?

Sheri Marchand teaches Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, American Volume Eyelash Extensions and Smart Techniques Eyelash Extensions.

How Long is the Training Class?

The training is a one day class from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Who Qualifies for NWEETC Training?

The NW Eyelash Extension Training program is limited to licensed hair stylist and aestheticians.

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What Will You Learn About Eyelash Extensions?

With NWEETC training, licensed aesthetic professionals will learn:
  • Proper use of medical grade eyelash extension adhesive
  • Individual eyelash extension attachment
  • Lash styling and design
  • Proper use of the eyelash extension tools
  • Eye Conditions and Diseases
  • Proper Safety & Hygiene Procedures
  • Advanced Eyelash Techniques
  • Client Consultation & Eyelash Aftercare
  • Effective Eyelash Extension Design
  • Eyelash Extension Business Success Information

PLUS . . .

Students completing the training will receive a supply kit which includes lashes, accessory tools and other miscellaneous items they need to start their own successful eyelash business!